[LIVE] HELP! I Have to Write Goals for School-Age Children Who Stutter!

[LIVE] HELP! I Have to Write Goals for School-Age Children Who Stutter!

LIVE COURSE | taught by Nina Reeves

Course description

Surveys show that Speech-Language Pathologists view fluency disorders as one of their least favorite communication issues. SLPs report that they do not feel comfortable nor confident in their abilities to provide appropriated assessment and intervention to those who stutter. Furthermore, therapy planning and goal writing are consistently listed as FAQ's for most professionals. This presentation will begin by outlining a multidimensional framework of stuttering therapy.  Following this framework, precursors to writing appropriate goals will be discussed. Finally, sample IEP goals will be shared and resources for further learning will be reviewed. Participants will be encouraged to write sample goals for children they have on their own caseloads.


1. Outline framework for stuttering therapy to use as a baseline for functional goals.
2. Explain areas to be included in a comprehensive stuttering evaluation report and subsequent therapy plan.
3. Create 2-3 goals based upon their own (self-chosen) student from their caseload.

Level: Intermediate

Instruction at the Intermediate Level assumes some familiarity with the basic literature as well as some experience in professional practice within the area covered and is targeted for more experienced professionals. The pace of the training and difficulty of concepts presented require more advanced knowledge and skills than the Introductory Level. Examples used at this level are often based on recent research and case studies that are complex in nature.


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Nina Reeves
Nina Reeves
Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.
Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-F is a board-certified specialist in fluency disorders. Presently, she is employed as a staff Fluency Specialist for Frisco ISD, and Fluency Specialist Consultant for San Diego Unified School District. Nina volunteers her time for organizations devoted to supporting those who stutter. She is a nationally recognized workshop presenter in the area of fluency disorders. Nina has authored numerous clinical resources, including School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide for Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.  Nina is a recipient of numerous professional awards, including the ASH-F Van Hattum Award for outstanding contributions in the public schools.