[REPLAY] Highlighting Interprofessional Education in Supervision

[REPLAY] Highlighting Interprofessional Education in Supervision

REPLAY | taught by Maria Dixon

Course description

This presentation will help guide supervisors of SLP interns in intentionally exposing student clinicians to Interprofessional Education (IPE) in preparation for Interprofessional Practice (IPP) in a school-based work setting.  Developing specific experiences in IPE that can occur during the internship in a school-based setting will be presented.  Furthermore, this talk will include discussion about how IPE/IPP can affect outcomes of the children served by SLPs from a broader perspective.


Participants will be able to define IPE and IPP specifically is it relates to school-based settings.
Participants will be able to list activities at their school where a student intern can participate in IPE and IPP.
Participants will be able to foster IPE and IPP at their school by citing specific positive outcomes for students.

Level: Introductory

Instruction at the Introductory Level of difficulty is generally intended for professionals with novice experience in the content area. Material presented is based on fundamental principles or concepts that are fairly well known and regularly applied. Often this level of training is intended to be a prerequisite to successive, more difficult topics offered at the Intermediate Level. At times, experienced professionals might be advised to take this training for review or in preparation for more advanced level training. Introductory level can also be used to describe course content related to new or emerging areas of practice.



Maria Dixon
Maria Dixon

Maria V. Dixon is a Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University.  She has been a Speech-Language Pathologist since 1997. She has worked as an SLP providing direct service in schools for children with language and reading disorders.  Following work as a Clinical Faculty member at Purdue University and then at the University of Maryland at College Park, she joined the faculty in the Speech and Hearing Sciences department at Arizona State University.  Maria's areas of special interest include clinical supervision and preparing graduate students for employment as an SLP, autism spectrum disorder in children an young adults and bilingual language development.