[LIVE] How to Succeed with Teletherapy

[LIVE] How to Succeed with Teletherapy

LIVE COURSE | taught by Dorothy Townsend

Course description

Many speech-language pathologists in the schools are either providing teletherapy or working alongside of a teletherapist. It is an exciting but frightening time for a lot of SLPs.  According to ASHA Telepractice Portal, “Telepractice is the application of telecommunication technology to the delivery of speech language pathology (SLP) and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation.” Although “Teletherapy” is a move to fill the shortage of speech language pathology services, it can prove to be unsettling for both the teletherapist providing services and the school district receiving the services. This presentation is a general road map to foster successful interprofessional relationships between the on-site and teletherapy SLP staff.


1. Explain teletherapy roles and responsibilities
2. Describe licensure and teacher certification
3. Explain client selection: Ethics, Student appropriateness, and support personnel
4. Discuss differences between Brick and Mortar and Home School positions
5. Identify how to use the materials you already own for your teletherapy practice.
6. Discuss how to stay organized in your teletherapy practice.

Level: Introductory

Instruction at the Introductory Level of difficulty is generally intended for professionals with novice experience in the content area. Material presented is based on fundamental principles or concepts that are fairly well known and regularly applied. Often this level of training is intended to be a prerequisite to successive, more difficult topics offered at the Intermediate Level. At times, experienced professionals might be advised to take this training for review or in preparation for more advanced level training. Introductory level can also be used to describe course content related to new or emerging areas of practice.


Financia: None

Non-Financial: Dr. Townsend is an ASHA SIG 18 Coordinating Committee Member

Dorothy Townsend
Dorothy Townsend

Dr. Dorothy Townsend is a speech language pathologist (SLP) residing in Southern Oregon. With over 25 years of experience working in a multitude of settings from acute care, outpatient, and school districts, she brings a breath of knowledge and experience to Telepractice. Dr. Townsend’s passion is making a difference in children and adults’ lives by improving their abilities to communicate with their families and peers. She has provided speech language pathology services from the East Coast to the West Coast to students receiving home school and brick and mortar education. Dr. Townsend holds a license in 11 states. Her strengths are in teamwork, collaboration and communication with students, families, and professional team members while facilitating student-centered therapy.